Cassanova and Chubby Cubby
dressed up as the "Blues
Brothers" at a ACFA and TICA
show and placed first at both.
They were not sure who each
other were with the glasses on
but did not put up a fuss. They
seemed to like it. I think the
sunglasses helped with all the
picture taking! Ha!
*Please look at the Kitten page for planned litters.
I would like to Thank all the breeders of these beautiful cats and my
established cats for their confidence and many hours of phone or personal help
they have taken time to give me. They have no idea how much this has meant
to me. Also to my husband who helps with the litter(alot) and for keeping the
cats warm at night, and I should acknowledge all the " up at night" birthing
events that I see as a miracle everytime and want him to see! This also goes to
my mother and sister and my best friends Pam and Denice who have to listen to
all the wonderful details about every cat show and all the cute things my cats
do that I just have to tell. Ha!  I would like to say a very special thank you to
the many breeders who have been part of all this for all their knowledge they
have bestowed upon me, the extra hands on time they have given me and the
tears they have shared with me, along with all the funny stories about our
cats.  I have learned that being a breeder and running a cattery is the most
wonderful experience but also very painful at times.  I would also like to thank
the many people who have visited my home and have adopted one of my babies
or adults. I love to hear all the wonderful stories and funny things about our
Way to go Kodiak! Pycatics Kodiak
Bear was picked to be on the best
Maine Coon example for the cover
of Cat Channels new book.
Shows we are planning to attend 2018:
Cedar Rapids, IA--Oct
Janesville, WI----Nov
Des Moines---Oct
Crystal, MN--Aug
Hopkins, MN---April
Fargo, ND
Neenah, WI--Sept
You tube video
Just for fun!
Sioux Falls, SD---June
Madison, WI---July
Fun at Cat Shows