Pudge Continued:ontinued
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Cassanova and Pudge
"Blues Brothers"
Doesn't he look like a mean "Bee"?
Baby Pudge-Isn't he cute?!
"Pudge O'Malley"
If you can't catch them...sit in them!
Watch out Peter, here
comes the Pudge Bunny!
Santa Pudge(must of been out late!)
Pudge in a bucket!
This is what happens when we
leave bowls or crockpots out. My
daycare children think it's fun!
Nicole caught a Thanksgiving Turkey!
Not sure he likes being a "Jester".
We think it's funny even if he does
not. Ha! Poor thing, so mistreated.
We are not sure if he was humiliated or just
did not like the "flapper" style dress. Ha!
Now this clown outfit fits his personality and
do you believe he didn't even try to get the
nose off. He won the costume contest again.
He is so much fun to take to shows.