Pudge Page
(Chubby Cubby)
Pudge is a wonderful pet in our home. Everyone who meets him wants to take him
home but my kids and husband would never let that happen. He is a perfect
example of a pet quality kitten, he may not have the perfect markings of the
Birman Breed standards for showing, but he has the most wonderful personality.
Keep this in mind when looking for a special kitten.
Pudge is a Blue Lynx Birman and is a Regional and Inter American Winner.
Here are some pictures of our little doll for you enjoy!
Pudge as a baby
"The Blues Brothers"
Cassanova and Pudge
Pudge likes to play with barbies
even if not invited to do so.
Dani with Pudge
Scott and Pudge hanging out!
The many faces of Pudge:
Going to school!
Cat shows are so much work!
Hanging out with Kelly at a show.
Loreile picked up his Trophy in Florida
at the ACFA Annual Awards Banquet!
            She loves him too!
If you can't catch them sit in them!
Pudge is no longer with us but his memory and
wonderful times we had with him will live on forever!
Please enjoy these fun pictures.
3 Years in a row Inter-American ACFA HHP Winner
Sun bathing inside....